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Apple's iPad Mini Throws More Tablet Choices at IT

06th November 2012
Today Apple introduced its much-rumored iPad mini, which comes with enough features to complicate the tablet purchase process for enterprise customers. The iPad mini looks and acts just like the larger iPad. For the most part, iOS applications should r... Read >
Author: MarcusWellington

How to repair corrupt Excel xlsx file?

06th January 2009
Have you already used Microsoft Excel to store graphics, statistics and other information, that cannot be placed to text documents? We know, that Excel format is widely used all over the world and millions of users regularly face issues, when working wit... Read >
Author: Recovery Toolbox, Inc.

All Dried Up! Remedies To Make Ink Printer Cartridges Usable Again

12th December 2008
One of the most common problems faced by inkjet printer users is the drying up of the liquid ink in the printer cartridge ink tanks. Not only would this cause printer nozzle to clog up, but would allow you to print lesser amount of pages. This is because ... Read >
Author: John C. Arkin

Hard Drive Stopped Spinning- How to Recover Your Data?

25th July 2008
As the main data storage device, the hard drive is very important. The hard drive stores all of the data and information of your computer including the operating system and all of the applications. The hard drive stores all of the data such as text docume... Read >
Author: spears

How to make a successful speech using modern technologies?

19th February 2007
Making speeches is an integral part of the life of every modern person. However, for many people to write a speech remains a hard and cumbersome task no matter what kind of speech is to be prepared. It's no wonder, that you have problems with making power... Read >
Author: qwertystudios

Review :: Replace Notepad and WordPad NOW!

02nd February 2006
I found a great, full-featured software program for creating simple text documents. If you write online articles, or you often need a simple text editor - this program is for you! I write a lot of text documents: online articles, autoresponder text, we... Read >
Author: Eric Roberts
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