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API Macros

13th June 2011
What Are Macros? A MACRO (merge and correlate recorded output) is "anything more than a single command1" and a "rule or pattern that specifies how a certain input sequence should be mapped to an output sequence according to a defined procedure.4" Macro... Read >
Author: pulse technology

Reasons for High Inclination towards CMS Based Web Application Development

23rd February 2011
Technology has spread its wings in all sectors and the wings are in the growing phase and becoming bigger. The role of technology also seems evident in web application development where open source content management system is being extensively used in cr... Read >
Author: Abhishek

8 Reasons to Use Source Control Software When Coding

07th October 2009
Coding is basically the act of writing a program in a programming language. This language may be HTML, Java, the languages in the C family or many others. These languages are used to speak to a computer to tell it what you want it to do. Businesses and in... Read >
Author: Jon Harwokey

Using InstallAware 7 To Publish Web Updates

17th September 2008
Overview This whitepaper describes how to use InstallAware for publishing software updates on the web. The software lifecycle has evolved to the point where updates are still expected to be delivered after a product's original release to manufacturing.... Read >
Author: Sinan Karaca

VB Net POS Accounting

30th May 2008
VB dot Net framework provides the best base ground for POS and Accounting software, because both systems need great support to access and process data frequently, and Visual Basic with .Net framework seems to work very well. Since VS2005, Rapid Applicatio... Read >
Author: kkchoon

RAD For Visual Studio - Codeless Programming!

29th May 2008
Conventional programmer will code their way to the end of the project, but new Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 allows developer to "drag and draw" their application from start till the end! They call it Rapid Application Development. Programmer from Borland D... Read >
Author: kkchoon
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