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Kinah Making Tips For Aion

08th January 2010
Kinah Making Tips For Aion In Aion, money is also called as Kinah. As your levels in Aion increase, you’ll require more Kinah to buy for skill books, receive payments from death, etc. Certain classes, like melee classes need more Ki... Read >
Author: Joewalkerss

Aion Cleric Guide - Cleric Guide To Leveling, Kinah & PvP

30th December 2009
As a cleric in Aion you want to know 4 things, right? How to level fast as a cleric. How to make kinah. What professions to get and how to skill them up. How to dominate in PvP. Aion Cleric Guide - How To Level Fast As A Cleric In Aion To l... Read >
Author: Alan Adams

Aion Spiritmaster Guide – Aion Leveling Guide For Spiritmaster

09th December 2009
As a spiritmaster in Aion it can be pretty tough to start leveling quickly. But, this can all change if you know exactly how to level up fast. But, how can you level up fast in Aion with your spiritmaster? How To Start Leveling Up Fast In Aion As A Spi... Read >
Author: Benjamin Hunt

How to make Aion kinah

22nd October 2009
Kill humanoid enemies, harvest Herbs and Ores whenever possible. It's worth noting that some of the Ore deposits and Herb patches are "booby trapped", namely, they spawn enemies as soon as you finish harvesting to discourage THAT kind of farming and force... Read >
Author: Eve
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