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Prefab Garage Kits Are A Top Choice Among DIY Enthusiasts

12th May 2011
When choosing an alternative to the traditional attached home garage, or if you simply want more space for storage, consider prefab garage kits as a creative cost-effective option. You will be surprised at the many designs available; there is sure to be o... Read >
Author: Alexander Sutton

15 Ideas To Boost Your Sales Over Valentine's Day

23rd February 2011
Most of the time people buy out of emotional reasons. Because of this, things that pull on our heart strings tend to encourage us to buy more than usual. Things like children, pets and the holidays - have been known to make us spend the most money of a... Read >
Author: Will Pena, MBA

HOA's Impact on Real Estate Value

23rd October 2008
One of the most well-liked places to purchase a home right now is in a subdivision. There are many varied types of subdivisions, such as golf communities, lake communities, or even equestrian communities. Besides offering a better connection between neigh... Read >
Author: Anita
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