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The Violin Chord Charts

19th March 2010
I really enjoyed my granddad playing the violin when I was a child. I really enjoyed him playing. Sometimes he would come home after playing at the big national orchestra and play for me. Those were my favourite times. I was so fascinated as I saw the bo... Read >
Author: Dave Schneide

Learn To Play Violin - 5 Quick Steps

17th September 2009
When we pick up a new instrument it's only natural to want to progress as swiftly as possible . However, bad habits learned early can cause great delays so here are some old tricks to keep you on the path to success.Learn to Play Violin - Step 1Learning v... Read >
Author: Marius Kennedy

Learn to Play the Electric Violin

16th June 2009
You can learn to play the Electric violin. It has a great style and produces a phenomenal sound to inspire great performances. Technically speaking, any violin that happens to be equipped with an electronic output is considered to be an electric violin. M... Read >
Author: Hailey Alton

The Hobbies of United States Presidents

27th November 2008
Few people appreciate that U.S. presidents are like anyone else, and they all enjoy their own private activities on their own time. The following overview offers a general list of each major president and the hobby that helped them to get rid of the stres... Read >
Author: Ryan Dube
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