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know How To Write Entry Level Student Cover Letter

03rd December 2009
A cover letter is a one page document which is intended to introduce the candidate to the employer. Writing an effective entry level student cover letter is an important task. It must certainly display the technical skills and qualifications of the prospe... Read >
Author: Amanda_Eaddy

How to Present Volunteer Information On Your CV

05th January 2009
Like many job candidates, you may be questioning whether to include volunteer experience on your CV because it is unpaid work. If you are, the answer is: absolutely. Volunteering IS work and you should take credit for all of your life accomplishments. Jus... Read >
Author: Jide

Kelly Calabrese: Groundbreaking Massage Therapist

06th October 2008
Almost anyone has heard about the field of massage therapy and understands the basics of what a massage actual is. Yet how many can recall even three widely known massage therapists off of the top of their heads? After some ill-advised comments directed a... Read >
Author: Matthias Koster

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dental Assistant Jobs

02nd April 2008
No one likes to find themselves without a job or just entering a new workforce area. This is especially true of the dental field. Perhaps it is because there are so many open positions to be filled that many people find themselves being taken advantage of... Read >
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