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Conference Energisers And Icebreakers To Motivate Your Team

17th May 2011
Every conference has its quiet times at the start, after a coffee break, or after lunch. Catalyst can eliminate the lull and provide short lively interludes that energise and focus even the most lethargic group of people. In ten minutes we can give back... Read >
Author: mariever

Duracell DPP-600HD Powerpack Plus Review

23rd September 2009
The Duracell DPP-600HD Powerpack consists of a single DC outlet, 3 pronged AC outlets to power multi loads, sealed nonspillable 28 amp hour AGM battery (must be charged), built in 600 watt and radio am/fm with digital clock. The Duracell Powerpack is p... Read >
Author: Autocare

How to write a proposal - Business proposal planning and managing your bid

09th February 2009
This is the fourth in a short series of articles from Learn to Write Proposals examining how to write a proposal. If you compare sales people and project managers yu may conclude that you wouldn't want your project managers going out selling and writin... Read >
Author: Learn to Write Proposals
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