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How to Choose Cheap Hotels in Central London

08th November 2012
If you are planning your next trip to London, get ready to experience the most exciting part of your life. Among all the arrangements, don't forget to factor in the accommodation options available in the city. When looking for a cheap hotel in Central Lon... Read >
Author: Simon James

Facts About the Real Hogwarts Castle

18th February 2009
Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry is the fantastic place where Harry Potter and his friends went each year to learn how to become better wizards. Unfortunately, its location is a jealously guarded secret that is being kept from Muggles by the gre... Read >
Author: Joseph Gambit

Top 10 “must see” attractions in London

15th September 2006
Millions of visitors flock to London every year. As the nations' capital it is a great blend of old and new, with plenty of medieval history and modern attractions all rolled into one. Whatever your interests there is something for you. But here is our to... Read >
Author: Steve Nichols
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