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Islamic Banking and Finance - Ijarah

23rd October 2011
The Islamic Banking system has structured a number of banking instruments or transactions which serve to fulfill the customer’s requirements while falling within the mandates set up by the Shari’ah Board of Islamic Law. As the giving or taking of interest... Read >
Author: Mohan

How to Easily Get the Guy You Want to Like You! This Will Help You a Great Deal Right Away

23rd August 2010
A man will only stay with a woman who can give him everything that he's been searching for all his life. Needs that he considers his necessities are the only things which can make him remain loyal to the girl he's hooked up with. The question lies with... Read >
Author: Russell Jackson

Why Funny Guys Are Hot

08th January 2010
Men can stop wondering why all the hot girls are dating average looking men. Forget the big biceps, the hair gel and the skin tight muscle shirts. Women much prefer their man to be funny preferring humor and good conversation over metro sexual men. Wo... Read >
Author: Matt
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