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The best way to add a sunburst finish to a guitar

20th September 2011
Initially conceived to mimic a classic appearance (as found on traditional stringed instruments such as violins and violas) Sunburst really is a classic guitar color regularly seen upon guitars vintage and new. Itís a greatly popular guitar finish but is ... Read >
Author: Steven Dean

Taylor GS Mini Guitar Review

29th March 2011
Presenting a small size guitar that has a full size sound. Great at any place, at any given time. The tone is really on the "brighter" side, plus it carries a loud as well as distinct fundamental. The small scale makes it a piece of cake to play. Its soun... Read >
Author: Gugulethu

Martin DSM Strong Leading Dreadnought MahoganySpruce Acoustic Guitar

14th February 2011
This acoustic guitar from Martin packs a substantial quantity of tone into a guitar with a truly excellent price tag, especially contemplating it is a Martin. It's excellent information for any guitarist looking to get their initial Martin or everyone int... Read >
Author: joanne

Dobro Tunings - Tuning A Dobro For Maximum Musical Depth

13th December 2008
The resonator guitar, or Dobro, like the electric guitar, is the result of early pioneers of the guitar looking for some way to make their instrument heard above the other instruments in a band. Using metal resonators did not catch on as amplification but... Read >
Author: Ricky Sharples
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