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Selecting the Best Miami DGCA Professional Pilot Program

29th October 2012
Requirements for Completing a Miami DGCA Professional Pilot Course In order to begin a Miami DGCA professional pilot program that will allow you to work as a commercial pilot in India, you must have a current FAA Commercial license, your instrument rat... Read >
Author: Geoff Rivers

IFR Flight Simulator - Making Pilot Lessons Less Expensive

02nd June 2010
IFR Flight Simulator - Making Flight Training AffordableThe way the economy is headed these days, undoubtedly the desire of being able to accomplish something with your pilots license, is abruptly fading out of reach for many hard core aviation enthusiast... Read >
Author: Jacques Pontiere

5 Steps to Becoming A Pilot

15th December 2005
Think you don't have the money or the time to learn to fly? Training to be a pilot can mean expensive instruction fees, high gas prices and maintenance charges, and it can require many hours of flight time. But becoming a pilot doesn't have to be out of r... Read >
Author: Steven Styles
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