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The meaning behind shield patterns on coats of arms

15th August 2011
If you are looking through a book of coats of arms or family crests you will notice that they all include a shield in their design. This harkens back to the fact that crests or coats of arms were first painted on the shields of knights so that the men who... Read >
Author: Mark

Catholic Pilgrimages – Why Is a Pilgrimage Important to Catholics?

01st August 2011
A pilgrimage is nothing but a spiritual journey to some religious places embarked on with a view to seeking a closer connection to God. For a long, a Catholic makes such pilgrimage looking for the aid of a specific saint whose relics exist in that holy sh... Read >
Author: reeceford

Israel Driving Guide For Tourists

20th June 2011
Are you arranging to pay a visit to Jerusalem and searching for a great auto rental Israel offer? What about your vehicle employ Israel? Right here is a beneficial Israel Driving Guide to support you generate securely in your automobile rental Israel all ... Read >
Author: MarkApplegate

Tribal Cross Tattoos Mean Free Expression Reigns Supreme!

11th November 2010
Tribal cross tattoos have come a long way. We all remember the cartoon images of Popeye the Sailor Man’s tattoos from the days when tattoos were restricted to rugged, male sailors. This tattoo wearing stereotype no longer applies - tribal cross tattoos no... Read >
Author: Tom S Stevens

Israel, Egypt, Petra, Holy Land Tours At Great Prices

05th July 2010
The tour price are cheap for the Israel, travel, tour, holy land, Jerusalem, Christian, Jewish, catholic, pilgrimage, Tierra Santa, bar mitzvah, Egypt, Jordan, Nazareth, middle east, Petra, bible, religious group, family. People can fly to Cairo, back fro... Read >
Author: melyn davag

Goa Honeymoon Tips and Very Romantic Goa Beach

30th June 2010
An ideal place for couple Goa has evolved as an significant honeymoon purpose for the newly marital. One of the most charming location in the Indian subcontinent Goa boasts of unparallel beauty. With nature bestow its bounty in entirety in this ho... Read >
Author: Dr. Lee Mikal

Damascus Steel The Crusades to Wedding Bands

29th March 2010
Damascus Steel The Crusades to Wedding Bands Its possible you have heard of Damascus steel, particularly if you are familiar with old swords, knives and guns. A book, the Art and Beauty of Damascus steel, was recently written on the subject. While this... Read >
Author: mensbands
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