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Rid your Ovarian Cyst CPT Confusion

12th October 2010
Coding for the removal/excision, aspiration or drainage of an ovarian cyst does not have to be that difficult. We have broken down each approach to provide you all the tools you need to get your claim right every time. Vital concept: When you are gearin... Read >
Author: James Smith

Cheyne Capital NewsLetter - highlights for 2009

05th May 2010
In April, we were pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Goekjian as Chief Investment Officer ("CIO"). As CIO, Chris has taken overall responsibility for the risk management of all Cheyne-managed funds and investment products, the oversight of portf... Read >
Author: Rivington

Price-to-Rent Ratio for Housing is Like the Price-to-Earnings Ratio for Stocks

10th February 2009
Just as stocks have price-to-earnings ratios (PE Ratios) used to establish relative value, houses have a price-to-rent ratio to establish relative value. Rent is the income or potential earnings a property can produce. It does not matter if the property i... Read >
Author: Robert Bell
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