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Saltbox Garage Plans Information

17th March 2011
Saltbox garage plans allow for that All-American style that is so desirable. The saltbox style, if youre not familiar with it, has a sloping gable and is asymmetrical in appearance. The history of the saltbox dates back to colonial times. Pioneers of thi... Read >
Author: Kevin M. Brown


18th January 2011
The solid mineral industry in Nigeria has great potential based on the geological survey and proven reserve of different mineral that have been discovered in the country. Tin Ore has been mined since colonial times and is one of the most versatile meta... Read >
Author: ikedike2002

Gondola Rides in Macau – Reliving the Spirit of Venice in the Orient

11th May 2010
China boasts of two special administrative regions namely Hong Kong and Macau. To the west of Pearl River Delta about 60 kilometres from Hong Kong rests the region known as Macau, which is also known as Macao. Influenced greatly by the Portuguese during i... Read >
Author: Pushpitha Wijesinghe

Philippine Literature – A Brief History

30th August 2009
Philippine is a country rich in diversity and language heritage. Even before Spanish colonization, its literature had evolved tremendously. Some of the notable literatures are a general reflection of the influence exerted by Spaniards during the colonizat... Read >
Author: Francis Murphy

Wildlife Resorts in South India

07th April 2009
With 88 national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, India is a favorite destination amongst nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. The old hunting grounds of the colonial times and the nawabs have been transformed to wildlife sanctuaries. These national par... Read >
Author: john123

Information on Colonial Blacksmiths

19th December 2008
Although the US became independent of Britain in 1776, the country's dependence on Britain and Europe for the goods needed to build the new country remained. For many years all the mechanical equipment the country needed was imported. With the beginning o... Read >
Author: Chris Comstock

Holidays in the Seychelles

12th December 2008
Many people look for relaxing locations for their holidays so that they can unwind and appreciate their calm and picturesque surroundings. Due to this, locations with stunning stretches of beaches are very popular choices, one such place is The Seychelles... Read >
Author: Gill
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