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How To Look After Your Rugs So They Last For Many Years

12th April 2013
Rugs are offered in virtually all sizes and shapes, colours and styles and are usually made from all different types of fibers.The more affordable kinds are made from artificial fibers such as polypropylene and nylon, and the higher cost varieties are mad... Read >
Author: 50sabina

Types of Mangoes – King of the Fruits

25th August 2011
Fruits are favorites for everyone but if you are not fond to eating mangoes so I consider that you are not a complete fruit lover. It is easily understood that mangoes are the kings of fruits. I don’t know why but people called it king of the fruits becau... Read >
Author: RobertPeterson27

Indian wedding photography: a view of Indian cultures

10th May 2011
Wedding is a wide term which is related to the life of each and every girl. Before marriage a girl lead a normal life with her parents and family. But after marriage she gets back a new life with different set of people. The transition although difficult,... Read >
Author: Simar Singh.

History of group buying and current trends

10th May 2011
Group buying have a familiar ring to it as it is one of the latest globally renowned developing concepts in the present times. It is a term for purchasing of discounted products in bulk by the communities. Collective purchasing sites are the price abated ... Read >
Author: Rabia Tareen

AAO Rules That MBBS Degree Qualifies Under the Employment-Based Second Preference

04th February 2011
In recent times, attorneys who have been representing foreign physicians with an MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) degree have reported that the USCIS Nebraska Service Center (NSC) and Texas Service Centers (TSC) have rejected arguments ... Read >
Author: Mayur Devrukhakar

Where To Find Woman In Dubai

10th January 2011
Where to find woman in Dubai Dubai is modern city with lots of charm and beauty in it. It is financial capital of UAE. It is full of tall buildings including the world largest tallest building Burj e Arab. Dubai is a city of migrants. According to one ... Read >
Author: Mehtabi


06th June 2008
IRRIGATION DEVELOPMENT : EFFECTS, GOVERNMENT POLICIES AND RECENT BUDGET INTRODUCTION Irrigation is a lucid term popularly defined as the application of water by either human being or by machines in the process of agricultural production. The need of... Read >
Author: Shreyansh Chouradia

Mahatma Gandhu,the Great Soul of the Nation

06th January 2006
Mohandas Gandhi, the father of modern India was born in Gujarat in 1869. He underwent a childhood marriage at 13 and was later sent by his family to study law in London. Once he had graduated from the Inner Temple he moved to South Africa where he remaine... Read >
Author: Derek Miller
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