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Facilities a Good Boarding School must have

13th June 2011
There is a huge list of International boarding schools available that vary from day schools to the rare student boarding schools. You will find many such schools that will be offering weekly boarding or a half way house, which allows the students to stay ... Read >
Author: ibschoolindia

A Guide to Skiing Near Zurich

09th November 2010
Many of Switzerland’s top ski resorts are scattered outside Zurich, but there are many roads, airlines and trains available that can take you to your chosen resort without hassle. But with so many resorts on offer, it can be difficult to choose where to g... Read >
Author: Hans

CAT Test Series Packs now available @ discounts, go grab it!!

29th August 2010
Attending lectures, giving mock tests, late night study & stress are the prime indicators of CAT test preparation. So, no wonder many students suffer from the so-called 'CAT scare'. Cracking CAT and entering IIM’s is a dream of every aspirant but only few... Read >
Author: ajit888

Cathay school offers one-on-one CISCO CCIE Voice Bootcamp Training

06th July 2008
1. CCIE Voice Lab Training There are two tracks for CCIE Voice Bootcamp Training, one is called Intensive Track (CVLT-I), which takes 14 days CCIE Lab to have it done, the other is called Fast Track (CVLT-F) which probably takes 18 days. http://www.ca... Read >
Author: Andy du
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