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Read Write Head change Tool to Recover Data from Damaged Read/write Head

26th January 2011
Hard disk is a magnetic disk to store computer data. Hard disk has platters with two read/write heads on each side. These read write heads can not work independently because all heads have single access. If hard disk's read write head touch the surface o... Read >
Author: Sweta mittal

Resolving Hardware Malfunction Error

24th July 2009
A hard drive might get damaged due to several reasons like wear and tear, logical board damage, read/write head crash, water damage etc. If you are encountering errors that system hardware has malfunctioned, the possible causes could be related to device ... Read >
Author: Serves Best

Hard Disk Doesn’t Spin Up

18th May 2009
A hard disk is comprised of several disk-shaped platters that rotate rapidly mounted on a shaft. These platters are magnetically coated with a similar material that is used magnetic recording tape. If not exposed to external conditions like temperature, w... Read >
Author: spears

Data Recovery after Physical Crash of Database Server

18th May 2009
A database server can be a computer or a computer program running on a database server computer. The server computer processes user requests of various client systems over a network and takes care of all incoming and outgoing data (large number of transac... Read >
Author: Serves Best

Temperature Changes and Hard Disk Failure

12th May 2009
Hard disk failure occurs when logical or physical malfunction takes place. The logical malfunction happens because of issues like file system corruption, operating system failure, application corruption (like antivirus), malicious software and more. The p... Read >
Author: Simpson

Resolving hard disk controller failure

11th May 2009
A laptop hard drive is a non-volatile storage media that stores your precious data in binary form. Physical corruption in Laptop hard drive primarily occurs due to accidental dropdown, electrostatic shocks, head crash, natural disasters, PCB (Printed Circ... Read >
Author: Serves Best

Hard Disk Platters and Data Recovery

17th April 2009
Hard disk platters are what actually store data in the drive. There are two basic substances, used in overall making of disk platters: substrate (structuring material of platters) and magnetic coating (material retaining actual data in the form of magneti... Read >
Author: Simpson

SCSI Hard Drives- Failure and Recovery

07th April 2009
SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) is an intelligent interface.It hides the complexity of physical format. Every device attaches to the SCSI bus in a similar manner. SCSI hard drives are faster than the others. These hard drives are often used with se... Read >
Author: Simpson

‘Start Unit Request Failed’ Hard Drive Error and Recovery

04th April 2009
SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) hard drives possess better performance due to their speed in terms of throughput and rpm (rotations per minute) rating. These hard drives are often used with servers, RAID and JBOD arrays and workstations that requir... Read >
Author: k madhav

‘SATA Primary Hard Disk Drive 0 Failure’ Hard Drive Error

02nd April 2009
SATA stands for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. It is a storage interface that offers standards for connecting a hard drive to the computer system. Also known as Serial ATA, this standard follows serial signaling technology and hence offers fast da... Read >
Author: spears

Symptoms of Hard Disk Failure Resulting into Data Loss

02nd March 2009
There are several informative signs which indicate that your computer hard drive might fail and thus you could lose your important data. These signs include the following: 1 System Boot Failure: When we make some changes to our system configuration lik... Read >
Author: jacobluis
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