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Ways to Say Congratulations

14th February 2006
There are so many ways to say congratulations, in English, congratulations, felicidades in Spanish, and Gl'ckw'nsche in German. Even if you listed all of the ways to say congratulations in all of the languages it would not come close to ways that you can ... Read >
Author: Justin Grover

Female Gift Ideas

29th November 2005
The holidays are quickly approaching which means you need to start thinking of gift ideas for the females in your life. Here are a few female gift ideas. Female Gift Ideas Female sounds like a strange word to use in this article, but there really i... Read >
Author: Richard Chapo

Mother-in-law AND daughter-in-law conflict

24th October 2005
When newcomer "wife" comes to stay in the new house with husband who is already with other male members, becomes favorable atmosphere for her. Tendency of males to attract females facilitates her to take advantage to establish own atmosphere that matches ... Read >
Author: sadashivan nair
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