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Little Signs of Guys Flirting

24th May 2007
A guy starts talking to you somewhere in a public place - he seems to be nice, but you are wondering: is he just being friendly or is actually flirting? Oftentimes you can't figure out that at once. However, guy's flirting is not so hard to detect if you ... Read >
Author: james

A world of presentations without PowerPoint

25th December 2006
Most of the presentations made nowadays are made with the help of PowerPoint. There are also class teachers and lecturers who use PowerPoint to make the teaching and learning process more interesting. However, it is the professional who makes presentation... Read >
Author: Thomson Chemmanoor

How To Get A College Athletic Scholarship

02nd October 2006
How To Get A College Athletic Scholarship Are you the parent of a high school athlete? Is your son or daughter competitive in both the classroom and on the sports field? Are they approaching college-age? Perhaps you are extremely frustrated and worri... Read >
Author: David Walters

Company Letter Head Designs Top 4 Worst Mistakes: Don't Be Caught Making These!

01st September 2006
Have you thought about your letterhead lately? Many businesses don't because it is easier to not think about it and keep going on with the multitude of tasks that has to be done on a daily basis. However an update to an old letterhead can be just like an ... Read >
Author: Sam Smith

Moving Your Fish When You Move from Here to There

12th August 2006
Moving Your Fish When You Move from Here to There From the author of www.first-aquarium-secrets.com Here's what you'll need: a container, some trash bags, and some rubber bands. Here are more details. The container should be the right size. Not to... Read >
Author: Dr Laurence Magne

How to Write a Sizzling Personal Profile

30th April 2006
Your profile is the first and perhaps the most important online dating tool. It is what makes prospects decide to contact you (or not to). Follow these tips to create a sizzling personal profile that stands out from the crowd.1. First make a rough draft o... Read >
Author: David Kamau

Romantic ways to propose

14th April 2006
There's no end to the long list of possible marriage proposals. Seriously. We won't even try to list them all -- someone will add another by the time we get to the end. What we will do, however, is give you a few tips on finding the best marriage proposal... Read >
Author: Ariel

How to win a job at Translatorsbase.com? Useful tips for freelance translators

23rd March 2006
The answer is: to win a project you need to take a number of fundamental steps on the road to success. There is no guarantee that you are going to get a translation project but there are methods that you can take to try and increase your chances. This art... Read >
Author: VerbumSoft M. Marcinkowski

Words that discourage or encourage?

09th February 2006
Words that discourage or encourage? -David Breth Part One I am often reminded of a short, but valuable story I read years ago that goes as follows: 'THE POWER OF WORDS' by Author Unknown A group of frogs were traveling through the woods, a... Read >
Author: David Breth

Tips To Becoming A Successful Artist & Craftperson

24th November 2005
The world and the Internet are filled with artists. Artists are everywhere! Because of the competition, only a few get noticed and make money at it.Take these for instance, on the Internet, www.wwar.com, www.yessy.com and www.fine-art.com. Sure they recei... Read >
Author: Johnny {J W} Morlan
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