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Cisco CCNA / CCNP Certification: Deciphering Ping Results

02nd February 2006
As you study for your CCNA and CCNP exams, particularly if you're getting hands-on practice in your home lab or rack rental service, you're going to be sending a lot of pings. As a CCNA or CCNP candidate, you know that five exclamation points (!!!!!) as a... Read >
Author: Chris Bryant

How To Teach Aggressive Soccer Play

27th January 2006
Hustling, strong play is super important on both offense and defense. If your team does not get rough and play hard, you will nearly universally lose to a team that is a good deal more hard. When we refer to aggressive play, we mean getting into the game,... Read >
Author: David Skul

"Karate Kid!"

12th October 2005
A few weeks ago I was sitting on the couch flipping channels as I often do if I'm watching TV, there never seems to be anything on worth watching. There is a channel for everything except motivation and personal development; I can't wait to start my ow... Read >
Author: Brian Adams
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