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Online Mystery Shopping - A Real Job

07th January 2011
Online mystery shopping is a significant job done in a fun way. But how it is possible? This is because you are going to play a character and do a serious occupation. Most businesses rely on this type of job feedback - the primary reason why companies hir... Read >
Author: JazzSanty

The Truth About Mystery Shoppers

08th January 2010
Can you REALLY be a secret shopper or mystery shopper? Will people really pay you to dine out or shop? Absolutely. I've been a secret shopper MANY times eating out and shopping on my own (and being reimbursed for it). I've done the same with my husband or... Read >
Author: Rhett Downs

Now is your chance to become one of the McDonald’s mystery shoppers

10th February 2008
If you would like to be one of the McDonald's mystery shoppers then now is your time to do so. McDonald's wants to maintain its quality all throughout and this includes even the customer's small details and comments about the products. With the mystery sh... Read >
Author: Mac T. Wheeler

Ethics of Mystery Shopping

14th November 2007
As the name suggests, Mystery Shopping or Secret Shopping is a profession wherein things need to be done a little "secretively". A lot of confidential information and statistics are involved in Mystery Shopping job, which need to be kept between you and y... Read >
Author: Robert Palmer
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