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14th April 2011
Despite the fact that marine life survives at different depths in the ocean, this isn't usually the scenario in our house reef tanks. You could feel that if a bran coral can endure at depths of fifty feet in the ocean, it shouldn't issue if it is put on t... Read >
Author: Normand Bailey

Why Is The Gate Of Tears Important?

08th April 2011
The Gate of Tears is a Strait in a political hotspot - the Red Sea. The Strait is a narrow chokepoint between the Horn of Africa and the Middle East, and a strategic link between the Indian Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Smaller ships do not therefore need ... Read >
Author: Phil Marks

That Not-So-Small Step

23rd December 2009
"One small step for mankind, one giant leap of faith" Taking the leap from worship sketches to theatre ministry Lately I have been hearing from sketch-ministry directors who dream of producing a "full play." I told one of them the words that follow,... Read >
Author: Sandy Boikian, Christian Theatre Scripts

Seawater Pearl Or Freshwater Pearl - What's The Difference

18th May 2009
The pearl is an ancient and appreciated piece of jewelry. So how long have pearls been around and where do they come from? And what about freshwater pearls vs. saltwater pearls - how do they differ? For thousands of years, most seawater pearls were ret... Read >
Author: Robert Bell
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