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Harley Davidson Arrives in Fuengirola

01st June 2011
Some avid skiers depart in the early morning to return in the late afternoon to sunbathe on the gorgeous blue flag beaches of Fuengirola. But lots of stay nearby to their apartment holiday rent Spanish and sunbathe, or, if they sense pretty energetic, go ... Read >
Author: Ray Flores

Why Women Like Bald Men

29th September 2010
Men think that women are drawn to a full head of hairóthat this conveys youth and vitality. Is this true? Well, yesóbut only for the kind of woman that you donít want anyway. If youíre looking for a life-mate, trying to attract a woman thatís interested i... Read >
Author: T. D. Crawford

How To Treat A Sprained Ankle

14th July 2008
Sprained Ankle Whether you've suffered an urban injury running to catch the bus or a rural plight exploring a hiking trail, the RICE method--Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate--will get you up and moving again. Follow these helpful steps to help heal your sp... Read >
Author: peterhutch
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