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Salt Tablets: The Perfect Water Softening Solution

06th May 2011
Are you looking for easy-to-use water softeners? In that case, you can opt for salt tablets which are the perfect water softeners. These salt tablets for water softeners are usually made from premium-quality compacted salt. Granular salt is also used for ... Read >
Author: Jacob Watson

impurities in drinking water

15th September 2010
Drinking water can be obtained from any source, tap water by volume is the most common source of drinking water in the western world. The increasing popularity of bottled water has confused the consumer on the impurities of drinking water. Local governmen... Read >
Author: Ross Angelo

What You Should Know About Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses

09th September 2008
Since the introduction of silicone hydrogel contact lenses in 1999, they have become the fastest growing new fit contact lens segment worldwide. Researchers predict that, by 2009, silicone hydrogels will make up more than two-thirds of contact lens sales ... Read >
Author: Chelsea Francis

Is Hard Water Causing Your Dry Skin?

27th September 2006
Many articles are written about products that contain harsh chemicals that dry the skin and millions of advertising dollars are spent on products that claim to do the opposite. However, one often overlooked dry skin factor is the hardness or softness of o... Read >
Author: No Last Name
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