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New Audi A4 Cars Make A-one Selection

21st September 2011
Are you in search of compact executive car? Are you in search of the car which gives you an experience of royal riding? Are you in search of the car which gives you a comfortable and safe drive? If your answers are affirmative then you should ... Read >
Author: Richard Long

The 2.8L Audi A4 Engine

29th June 2010
The B5 platform-based Audi A4 was sold between 1996 and 2001. The top Audi A4 engine in Europe was a 2.8l V6, one of nine engines shoppers could choose from in Europe. In North America the only Audi A4 engine available at launch was the 2.8l V6, which was... Read >
Author: lowmileageengines.op@gmail.com

The 1.8L Audi A4 Engine

19th June 2010
In this article, the specifications, strengths, and weaknesses of the Audi A4 engine are reviewed and compared against its best of class rivals, such as the Volkswagen Passat, the Infinit I35, and the Lexus IS300. The specifications of the Audi A4 engine ... Read >
Author: lowmileageengines.op@gmail.com

Best Selling Sedans in India

16th July 2009
Sedans are three box car bodystyle which is highly popular in the world. Its easy adaptability in all segments makes its easy on the pockets too. Sedan ranges from the super luxury Bentleys to the compact Hyundai cars. It is so popular than when one think... Read >
Author: Carazoo
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