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Brass Alloys in the Olden Days

10th August 2011
Brass making is significant throughout history, especially during the Medieval Period and the Renaissance. During the Medieval Period, brass was used to manufacture coins in Northumbria, a medieval kingdom in what is now Northern England. Brass was also h... Read >
Author: Lawrence Halter

Top Style Influences for Italian Furniture Designers

02nd June 2011
What have been some of the influences on top rated Italian furniture type in the planet? Going back again to the late 15th century, the Renaissance period of time introduced significant influences from all around the planet, like Japanese furniture design... Read >
Author: geraldtudo81

How a Millefiori pendant is made (technique and history)

22nd March 2010
The design of Murano Millefiori pendants originated in the middle of the 1800's, but they have evolved from a technique that goes back much further. The basic technique of producing concentric ring patterns has been seen in glassware from Ancient Rome and... Read >
Author: glassofvenice

History of Perfume

11th September 2009
Perfumes are one of the most popular accessories worn by the people today. There are a wide variety of perfumes starting from inexpensive ones to designer perfumes going into hundreds of dollars. The history of perfume has to start from the origin of t... Read >
Author: Author Unknown

10 places you must visit places in Rome as a tourist

16th June 2009
Rome is filled with many wonderful tourist sites and it is easy to miss out on the really important ones unless some careful planning is done. Listed below are 10 must-see places in Rome.1. The Pantheon - The Pantheon is a temple dedicated to all the Gods... Read >
Author: Paul Symonds

A Look Into Antique Furniture

09th April 2009
Victorian. Renaissance Period The most popular furniture style during this era is the Tudor furniture, which was influenced by European style. Tudor furniture was usually made from oak and was greatly influenced by Medieval and Gothic designs. Mos... Read >
Author: Jade Simpson

The History Behind Musicals

14th August 2008
A musical can be in the form of a theatrical production or a movie, either of which uses songs and dancing as a means to tell the story. There are many types of musical theater, such as comedy drama, dramas, and others. They use music to tell their st... Read >

A Brief History of the Guitar

23rd July 2008
If you want to learn and master guitar because you simply love playing the instrument then it is not necessary for you to know about the guitar history. Infact you need not touch the historical aspect at all if you simply want to learn &... Read >
Author: Dave
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