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ICBC Hit And Run

26th September 2011
A hit and run accident occurs when you are struck by another motorist, who then flees the scene before you are able to ascertain their identity. When this occurs, many people are of the belief that they cannot make a claim for personal injuries. Such is n... Read >
Author: Glenn Veale

Seller Need To Know About Latent Property Defects

10th June 2011
A current Supreme Court ruling in British Columbia definitely afforded the phrase "let the buyer beware" brand new emphasis in a verdict regarding who is liable for disclosing issues and who's likely to find them dependant on more classification of the di... Read >
Author: Stefan

Focus on Plutonic Power Corporation (TSX:PCC) Shaw Capital Management News

16th March 2011
Plutonic Power Corporation develops environmentally friendly run-of river hydro projects in British Columbia. Now before we get into the specifics on this one, let's first answer the question: What is run-of-river hydro? Plutonic defines it quite we... Read >
Author: shawcapitalnews

All You Need To Know About The American Black Bear

02nd February 2010
The American black bear is one of three North American bear species. They are the smallest of these native bears, but they are still extremely powerful and dangerous if provoked. The sharp, non- retractable claws on the paws of the black bear provides... Read >
Author: Paul

Criminal Offences in British Columbia

08th December 2009
In British Columbia there are 3 main types of criminal offences. They are (1) purely summary conviction offences, (2) purely indictable offences, and (3) hybrid offences.These 3 types of offences are set out in the Criminal Code of Canada.Purely summary c... Read >
Author: JGD

Canadian Laws on Canadian Adult Child Support

28th July 2009
Adult child support invokes the response that most oxymorons entail- say what now? Although adults are not children, some adult children or adult dependants cannot survive on their own and require the assistance of their parents. Some cases that fall unde... Read >
Author: Kevin Johnson

Conveyancing Process in British Columbia

29th April 2008
Conveyancing is when the previous home owner transfers his ownership data to you. In BC, the real estate conveyancing process takes place after a written agreement has been signed and all subjects to the deal have been signed off on. In other words, this ... Read >
Author: bchousingnetwork
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