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Interesting Facts About The Nile River

07th November 2011
Located in Africa is the longest river on earth. It measures 4,132 miles and is called the Nile River. The word "Nile" originated with a Greek work, Neilos, and also an Egyptian word that means "valley" or "great river." In ancient Egypt, the river was c... Read >
Author: Tom Harel

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08th September 2010
Visit the Okavango Delta Okavango Delta or Okavango Swamp is found in Botswana. It’s also the world’s largest inland delta. The delta is formed in the region where the Okavango River empties onto the swamp in the Kalahari Desert. From here most of the ... Read >
Author: adventure africa expedition

Power Outages and Sump Pump Failure Problems With Rain and Storms

04th July 2009
Rain and storms come through your neighborhood every year. This is the time of year when water is most likely to seep into your basement. Many homeowners depend on their sump pumps to keep their basements and homes dry. Unfortunately when there are rain a... Read >
Author: Chris

Sewage backup repair

05th June 2009
Sewage backup in the home can typically be just as damaging as flood waters. Not only will you sustain water damage with the possibility of mold growth, but the affected area is contaminated, as sewage can be very hazardous to one's health. If not cleaned... Read >
Author: Chris
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