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Thinnest Lenses in the world

30th July 2010
The brand new 1.76 double Aspheric plastic lens material is the thinnest lens material available anywhere in the world, however, it is exclusive to an online spectacle store. These very thin lenses are also available in 1.8 Glass (varifocal only) and 1.9 ... Read >
Author: Natalie Eastaugh

Methods of removing eyeglass lens scratches

19th May 2010
One of the common problems associated with eyeglass lenses is scratching. It is quite bothering when some scratches occur in the central part of the lenses. This kind of scratches will create visual problems while some other scratches out of the sight are... Read >
Author: homas Carter

Glasses Lens Thickness Tips - How to Reduce Lens Thickness For Prescription Eyeglasses

02nd March 2010
Whether you are near or farsighted, there are options available to help reduce the thickness of your lenses. First, you should consider using a higher index lens material to help reduce size. Different materials have varying index levels, and since the le... Read >
Author: Robert Bell

Oakley Sunglasses

01st July 2009
Oakley, Inc is an innovation-driven designer, manufacturer, and distributor of high-performance eyewear, including sunglasses and goggles. The oakley technologies transcend sports to enhance the lives consumers and more than 110 countries now enjoy the fu... Read >
Author: John Jo

What You Should Know About Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses

09th September 2008
Since the introduction of silicone hydrogel contact lenses in 1999, they have become the fastest growing new fit contact lens segment worldwide. Researchers predict that, by 2009, silicone hydrogels will make up more than two-thirds of contact lens sales ... Read >
Author: Chelsea Francis
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