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Online Portrait Photography Lessons

09th April 2010
Portrait photography is the most popular form of photography. Most people who know how to point and shoot a camera are all portrait photographers. However, there are of course, differences in its quality. Professional portrait photographers have certain c... Read >
Author: Dan Feildman

What lenses do I need for portrait photography?

31st July 2009
Portrait photography is all about the subject. Most portrait shots will blur or soften the background so the subject completely dominates the photograph. To achieve this effect, lenses between 50mm and 135mm lenses are often used. Standard zoom lenses... Read >
Author: Scott Jamieson

Getting Your Photography Website Noticed.

03rd June 2009
There are thousands of great photography websites that rarely get any visitors - the following article will help you gain exposure for your photography website. Having the ability to take excellent images is a great honour, but if no one ever sees ... Read >
Author: Tj Tierney

Mastering Portrait Photography - Kill Those Wrinkles!

22nd January 2008
This is the first of a planned series of photo tips articles designed to help YOU master photography. Weekend shooters and pros alike all have one major task when doing portrait photography, make your subject look like a million bucks. And do it wit... Read >
Author: Dan Eitreim
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