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Call Center Etiquette Training

07th April 2011
A call center is like any other business in the sense that it measures its efficiency the way traditional businesses measure theirs. Generally, efficiency measures involve comparison of cost against revenues. The higher the actual profit margin, the more ... Read >
Author: PMane

Stand up Comedy Tips: Maximize Your Open Mic Performance

03rd March 2009
Open mic nights are usually the major stepping stone for becoming a professional comedian. In order to get the most out of your open mic performances, here are three stand-up comedy tips you can use now: Stand-up Comedy Tip #1: You need to practice ... Read >
Author: Steve Roye

Can Performance Evaluations Really be Painless?

14th January 2008
Universally, supervisors and employees dread that annual ritual of performance evaluations. In some organizations, they postpone the event for as long as possible. In others, it is just avoided - sometimes for years. We often waste, misuse, or squande... Read >
Author: Marnie Green

End of the Year Performance Evaluations

14th January 2008
The following is an excerpt from Painless Performance Evaluations: A Practical Approach to Managing Day to Day Employee Performance (2006).December is often the time of year when supervisors are expected to deliver end of year performance evaluations to e... Read >
Author: Marnie Green
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