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Basic Forms And Types Of Sonnet

07th February 2012
Basic Forms and Types of Sonnet Italian or Petrarchan Sonnet The Italian or Petrarchan sonnet is one of the oldest sonnet forms in the world of literature. This sonnet is further composed of two types of stanza forms. The group of first 8 lines is cal... Read >
Author: Amy Dyslex

Useful Italian Phrases for Booking a Hotel in Rome

28th September 2011
If you are going to be checking in at hotels while you are travelling though Rome, it can be really to your advantage to memorize a few phrases and vocabulary so that the process of finding accommodation does not become a confusing affair. Although mo... Read >
Author: Henry James

All About How to Save a Marriage With Love Poems

17th September 2009
What you may not know is that being more romantic can teach you all about how to save marriage. Love is actually one of the greatest bonds ever, and it can make married couples stay close and happy. It is natural for you to be anxious whenever trials are ... Read >
Author: Adam Rise
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