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Fun Animated Films for the Whole Family

04th April 2011
As far as movie genres go, the animated film industry may have one of the toughest tasks asked of them all. Sure, you can colour a picture of just about anything, add some whimsical music, put it in front of a seven-year-old, and they will almost certainl... Read >
Author: Andrew Joyce

Use Special photo effects in online picture editor

30th March 2011
It's exhausting to seek out people who are not engaged in images so far. Can you think about a trip with no digicam? No. Then we present them our household and friends. In the world of the Internet and social networking image, by its own, can not impre... Read >
Author: Alex Maker

Ho Hisaishi, Best Composer of Music for Hayao Miyazaki Animations

07th December 2010
I always think that Jo Hisaishi is best matches with Hayaoís animations. Music is one of most important aspect in an animationís success. On the other hand, itís also the animations success makes the music known by fans. Joe Hisaishi was born on Decemb... Read >
Author: Sharon
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