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Landscape Oil Paintings use as Decorative Art

07th March 2012
That the function of the arts is to teach was an idea almost universally held in Europe before the 17th century. In India, their object was consideredto be the evocation of rasa or an aesthetic emotion, ---a thrilling sensation roused by the appeal of bea... Read >
Author: Art Auction India

10 Celebrities That Have Hair Extensions

20th January 2011
Its a well known fact that hair extensions are commonly used by celebrities to achieve a different look in a short space of time. You might be surprised at just which celebrities have them though! Take a look at the following list to see whether you k... Read >
Author: James A Hardy

Excel Basic Maths - Multiplication and Division

23rd June 2010
This is a tutorial about excel formulas multiply and divide. They are just two basic math formulas, nothing special. Before you start learning formulas, there are some basic rules that you will need to know. Formulas in excel always begin with the = sign... Read >
Author: jamjar919

Online Numerical Reasoning Testing Solutions

05th June 2009
Are you getting ready to take an aptitude test as part of a job selection process? When taking aptitude tests you will likely have to take a number of numeric reasoning tests. Numerical reasoning tests are an essential part of all aptitude tests. Normally... Read >
Author: articlemarketing01@gmail.com

Tips to becoming a good tabla player

14th May 2009
So you want to play the Tabla? Good choice - the tabla is one of the most popular instruments in India, and while its major use is in Hindustani classical music, it is increasingly being used in fusion music as well. Some exponents of the tabla are Ustad ... Read >
Author: vishaldwivedi

Equivalent Equations – Definition and Examples

19th December 2008
The term "equivalent" means "the same". Two equations are said to be equivalent if they have the same solution. Let's look at a few examples. • y = 3 and 2y - 6 = 0 are equivalent equations. y = 3 is a simple linear equation. The other equa... Read >
Author: Chandrajeet

Hypnotic Mental Tricks To Develop Your Ability To Concentrate And Recall

06th February 2008
In our fast paced society, we are constantly learning new things and we need to have a better memory to remember it all. Students need a better memory for learning and doing well on examinations. People need a better memory to be successful in their jobs,... Read >
Author: Alan B. Densky, CH
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