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Types of Audio Visual Equipment

18th January 2011
Good quality audio video equipment can help your deliver an effective business presentation. There is a variety of audio visual equipment that you can choose from, depending on whether you need them for a trade show, marketing event, party or presentation... Read >
Author: seanmurphy242

Tips for a Successful Audio Visual Presentation

26th August 2010
An audio visual presentation is a powerful tool to communicate business ideas to an audience of any size. The combination of sound and visuals often makes a far more compelling statement than a mere speech or a simple brochure or document. However, an AV ... Read >
Author: seanmurphy242

How To Train To Be A Librarian

30th March 2010
Library Science and Information Management is a growing field that needs enthusiastic employees who are dedicated to preserving and protecting data in all its forms. You may not think of a High School Librarian's job as a highly specialized, challenging c... Read >
Author: Jay Jenkin

Cell Phone Jammers in the Classroom?

05th September 2008
Cell phone jammers have become not only a preference of many educators in the classroom, but in many cases a necessity. By using a cell phone jammer in the classroom, educators can teach students without the distraction of ringing cell phones, or the inti... Read >
Author: JammerCarl

Direct TV Installation Process

06th March 2007
Many Direct TV subscribers perform self-installation for the Direct TV System. The three components make up the basic intallation process. The Direct TV Satellite Dish must be mounted to the subscriber's rooftop, cables must be connected to receive transm... Read >
Author: Kaptain
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