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How to Improve Sales in Real Estate

19th November 2014
Are you among those investors in whose properties aren't gaining a lot attention through buyers? Do you experience feeling that your real estate agent is not performing his work in selling your property? If you are an investor who would like to improve pr... Read >
Author: Chris Martin

Benefits of selling your house to real estate investors

17th November 2010
When you need to sell your house, you must sell it fast, whether it is an investment property or your own home. Following the traditional methods to sell it may not work at all, or may not even be possible. Here are some of the reasons real estate inves... Read >
Author: Kahethu

Ways To Get Around Paying Real Estate Commission

05th February 2010
If you are going to be selling your house by working with an agent then you are going to find yourself paying real estate fees in some way. Your real estate agent will very likely charge you a percent of the final sale price. The seller will pay the perce... Read >
Author: Adam Waxler
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