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Blues Music, It's History, And Why It's Important

06th May 2011
The history of blues music is certainly one that assists anyone in putting into perspective why this type of music became very popular. It also helps us respect what is it at the roots of such a powerful movement. Blues music can certainly be tracked ... Read >
Author: JeffHorn

Play Easy Guitar Songs in No Time!Play Easy Guitar Songs in No Time!

07th April 2011
If you are interested in learning how to play a guitar, you might find it to be quite hard especially if you have no experience in playing. For the most part, you will have to learn a lot of chords to play some of your favorite songs. But what if I tell y... Read >
Author: Taylor Benjamin

What you didn't know about Hallelujah Sheet Music

23rd March 2011
Hallelujah is a melody authored by the popular Canadian singer-composer Leonard Cohen. Often known as a novelist and poet, Cohen wrote the first version of the lyrics of Hallelujah, containing a number of spiritual texts. His major inspiration while writi... Read >
Author: Joe R.

Easy Songs To Play On Guitar By Using Four Basic Open Chords

02nd February 2011
Understanding Chords For a lot of beginners at guitar learning, the original desire is usually to know some easy songs to play on guitar. And one of the primary challenges here is learning all the guitar chords necessary in order to be able to play th... Read >
Author: Pelle Rylander

Beginner Guitar Lessons - 3 Easy Rock Songs For Acoustic Guitar

19th August 2010
There have been some great rock tunes written on the acoustic guitar, and many of those are pretty darn easy to play for beginners as well. I've assembled a list of 3 easy to play rock songs on the acoustic guitar. If you're just starting out so long ... Read >
Author: D Fraser

Borrowed Chords Or Modal Interchange: What Are They?

23rd April 2010
If you listen carefully to James Morrison's soulful song, "You Give Me Something," you will quickly realize the use of a harmonic device called modal interchange or borrowed chords that gives the song its distinct sound. In fact, the very first two chords... Read >
Author: Nicole Lee

Yamaha S90XS Review: The Future Of Music Production

08th April 2010
Synthesizers have come a long way since the beginning of electronic musical devices. The Yamaha S90XS Keyboard can take the live performance factors of a premium keyboard to to the next stage. This robust machine is certainly designed with the musician in... Read >
Author: Fred Hopkins

Guitar Chords for Praise and Worship Songs

21st January 2010
You were just handed a sheet of paper covered with your favorite worship lyrics and a bunch of single letters in bold type. You're expected to be able to play this on your guitar, but what you see looks like a muddled mess of confusing letters. How are yo... Read >
Author: Paul Gian
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