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Glance at the Sky @ Ascentia Sky

06th February 2012
Ascentia Sky at Tanglinis in the main right the actual fringe of renowned Tanglin center, with only 5 minutes to help Orchard Road as well as Central Organization District. Slipped into the most attractive Location Place dealing with Tanglin, you will fin... Read >
Author: Shawn Teo

Singapore Tour Package for Singapore Travel

13th April 2011
At just north of the equator, Singapore’s climate is hot all year round, with frequent thunderstorms. Singapore is a thriving modern metropolis bringing together cultural and religious diversity, international business, trade and shopping brands as well a... Read >
Author: Dr.Mike Boucher

Singapore Spa Guide in a Small City

16th August 2010
It's easy to find a spa on just about any street in this small city, if your definition simply consists of trickling water features, New Age CD music and a perfunctory rub-down. The stellar spots are harder to find, but worth seeking out. These luxurious ... Read >
Author: Reynaldo Bridges
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