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Day Trading Tips: The History of Day Trading

10th June 2010
Day trading got its start in the 1990s, when a man by the name of Harvey Ira Houtkin began keeping track of the delays between breaking stock news and the adjustment of prices by dealers. Using the Nasdaq Small Order Execution System, or 'SOES,' the 'fath... Read >
Author: Mark Etinger

How to defeat HSBC: A Case Study

03rd December 2008
Case Law: HSBC Bank v. Valentin, Ruiz, et. al. 859 N.Y. S. 2d 895 Decided on 08 November 2008 This case is a renewed application for an order of reference┬╣ for a specified property located in Brooklyn, New York. Originally, this application was al... Read >
Author: LoanmodificationstudioWebGuy

Education Helps Mitigate Poverty, Crime and Drug Use

16th January 2008
Rocco Basile is a man from Brooklyn, New York who has impressed me with regard to his beliefs about how we can all help to make changes in our world today through education. Rocco Basile noted something that Gandhi believed. Real education consists in ... Read >
Author: kgabriel
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