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Be Hip and in Type Each day With Lacoste Polo

31st May 2011
In the course of the 1950's and 60's Rene's son Bernard took over the Lacoste empire and started out to genuinely broaden the products both equally in the array and to new markets internationally. During the 1970's Lacoste grew to become a definitely comm... Read >
Author: Fernandod Arritola

Cologne And Perfume Attraction: Fragrance Notes In Mens Perfume

17th October 2008
Most women will tell you, a guy that smells good instantly grabs your attention. Today men's cologne offerings are greater than any other time in history. Granddady came home from WWII wearing "Old Spice", and Dad turned Mom's head with scents like "Brut"... Read >
Author: Patricia 2182
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