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How Food Plays a Role in Chinese Culture for Kids

29th October 2012
Just like any other culture, food is very big in the Chinese culture for kids and adults alike. Some people know about the food that is in the Chinese culture because of the various Chinese restaurants that are around. You will see many different types o... Read >
Author: SpeakMandarin

Beijing Nightlife, Top 10 Things to Do at Beijing Night

23rd June 2010
Beijing Nightlife, Top 10 Things to Do at Beijing Night Beijing Tours, BeijingTravel * Do not know where to spend your night time in Beijing? * What are the most popular night activities in Beijing? You are at the right place, here, we list Beij... Read >
Author: aLFRED

Types Of Chinese Food

14th June 2010
If you are like a lot of people, you probably enjoy eating Chinese food. There are many options to choose from, and many people find that there are a lot of choices on the menu that are good to eat. You can also find that with the variety of items on the ... Read >
Author: ronperez

Hot Buns in Japan: Pork, Pizza, Curry, and Salty Caramel

04th June 2009
Chinese restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world offer pork buns. Pork and other ingredients are cooked, stuffed inside a bun, and steamed. You can find pork buns ranging from fast food buns at little stands on the street to the ecst... Read >
Author: Tom Aaron
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