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Finding Street Music in Paris: Is It Difficult, Or What?

26th January 2012
Music is one of the most important activities in Paris, and when it comes to street music, there is no city that could compare to the city of lights. It has always provided a refuge to struggling artists and musicians who displayed their talent on crowded... Read >
Author: Rite Borges

Roland CUBEST CUBE Street Battery Powered Stereo Black Amplifier

12th April 2011
The Roland CUBEST CUBE Street Battery Powered Stereo Black Amplifier is a great little guitar/all-purpose amplifier that has received some great remarks on various consumer reports websites including ConsumerReports.com as well as excellent Amazon.com rev... Read >
Author: Andrew Duley

Some Great Places To Hang Out In Barcelona

03rd August 2010
There is no doubt that Barcelona is a sophisticated and stylish Spanish city that has all the appeal that any large city should have. The Mediterranean culture and the effects of a deep history have added to the charm of Barcelona. From medieval neighborh... Read >
Author: Ash Misty

Spain's capital Madrid

20th April 2006
Madrid is the capital of Spain and of Madrid province. It lies in central Spain on the Manzanares River and is almost in the exact geographic centre of the country. It is the focus of its own autonomous region.Madrid is relatively young when compared to t... Read >
Author: ken jones
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