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Software program progress India- Pros and cons

30th July 2012
With progression in know-how, software development has escalated to a level like never before. India is a country wherein someone can see the best use of technology. Software firms are known for serving their clients by developing tailored software as per... Read >
Author: Jon Parker

Functions of Epithelial Cells for Human Kidney

31st December 2008
In biology and medicine, epithelium is a tissue composed of layers of cells that line the cavities and surfaces of structures throughout the body. It is also the type of tissue of which many glands are formed. Epithelium lines both the outside (skin) and ... Read >
Author: Mc Raflesia

You Need to Know about Horseshoe Kidney

17th December 2008
Horseshoe kidney is a congenital disorder, distressing roughly 1 in 400 people, in which a person's two kidneys fuse jointly to develop a horseshoe-shape throughout progress in the womb. A horseshoe kidney is notable due to its atypical location, its u... Read >
Author: Mc Raflesia
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