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Makati Apartments for Rent - A Young Urban Professional's Choice

29th November 2011
Makati is the Central Business District of Metro Manila. There are many businesses and office spaces located in this city which includes banks, BPOs, law offices, and accounting firms, to mention a few. Most of the workers who work in Makati are young urb... Read >
Author: Irish

Fixing Manila's Transport Congestion - A Rail Subway Remedy

14th March 2011
IntroductionManila is a single of Asia's good metropolises. It is a town of some sixteen million men and women that has some really really serious transportation conflicts. In the past, extensive transportation research by skilled planners have concluded ... Read >
Author: Leon Jensen

Fixing Manila's Transport Congestion - A Rail Subway Resolution

08th March 2011
IntroductionManila is one of Asia's excellent metropolises. It is a town of some sixteen million people that has some very severe transportation problems. In the previous, extensive transportation studies by skilled planners have concluded that Metro Mani... Read >
Author: tracy guerra

Pros and Cons of Condominiums in the Philippines

03rd March 2011
What are the kinds of benefits that condominiums can offer to their residents? There are many popular types of housings in the Philippines today, and one of those is condominium. According to many Filipinos, part of what made condominiums popular is becau... Read >
Author: harry.dobell03@gmail.com

Rock Climbing Sites in the Philippines

28th July 2010
Who says the rainy season can stop you from enjoying various recreational activities in the Philippines? Rock climbing at different indoor sites in Manila and other cities across the archipelago is available all year-round. Though the sport is relatively ... Read >
Author: aldamerin

A House Of The Filipino Family

08th June 2010
Condominiums have become one of the most popular and in-demand residential Philippines properties for sale. Townhouses, though popular, have now been widely replaced by condominiums. Although the condominium industry have significantly gained popularity i... Read >
Author: Deirdre

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Living In A Condominium

08th June 2010
One of the best types of housing in the Philippines today are condominiums. Although houses are still a very popular type of housing in the Philippines, many Filipinos, particularly in Metro Manila, have chosen to live in a condominium unit rather than in... Read >
Author: Deirdre

Antipolo as an Ideal Daytrip Destination

29th April 2010
The summer time of year in the Philippines is particularly sweltering nowadays, with temperatures reaching approaching 37 degrees Celsius. Not surprisingly, travelers are scrambling to visit places where it is cold. Naturally, when talking about those pla... Read >
Author: Richard

Miriam Defensor Santiago's Worst Behavior on Ondoy Wake

14th October 2009
The worst a Filipino baby-kisser can do in a period of state crisis like the unparalleled devastation wrought by storm Ondoy is to tar and taint nations that are terribly involved in humanitarian missions for victim-countries. And impugn motive on what ar... Read >
Author: Robbie Suarez

The Great Dangwa Flower Market

01st October 2009
When it comes to flower shops in the Philippines, there isn't any better place than to visit one of the Metro Manila's most notable flower market, the Dangwa Flower Market. Aside from other popular flower markets in the Philippines, including those found ... Read >
Author: Samantha

Offshoring Call Centers in Cebu, Philippines: Why Companies Are Doing This

13th May 2009
The Philippines has always been the top choice for overseas outsourcing companies compared to other Asian countries because of its World-class English proficiency, affinity for U.S. culture, highly skilled workforce, strong work ethic, consultative and cu... Read >
Author: trafficsupportdotnet
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