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Do You Want Your Ex to Finally Crawl Back to You? Here Are the Steps You Need to Follow Right Now

10th September 2010
Break ups happen every now and then. Some break up amicably but some break ups are nasty. Once out of the relationship, many of us want to get back to our ex. But instead of taking the 'good guy/gal' route, one can try to make that ex jealous and make the... Read >
Author: Russell Jackson

Why Funny Guys Are Hot

08th January 2010
Men can stop wondering why all the hot girls are dating average looking men. Forget the big biceps, the hair gel and the skin tight muscle shirts. Women much prefer their man to be funny preferring humor and good conversation over metro sexual men. Wo... Read >
Author: Matt

Get Your Ex Back - The Law of Attraction Works in Your Favor

17th March 2009
Many people wish that they could get back with the one person they truly loved. Maybe you are one of them. Mostly people end up quietly suffering or resorting to tactics that will drive their ex away.DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO TO YOU!You think that if you a... Read >
Author: jerry cart
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