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Passive Income, Depreciation, and Tax Implications

23rd August 2006
Copyright 2006 Chris Anderson Daggumit, show me how to lose money faster a young and nave Dr. Anderson instructed his accountant. I mean, I just spent $175,000 on an investment property and I can't write that off this year but rather 27 years instea... Read >
Author: Chris Anderson, PhD

The Basics of Depreciation

19th July 2006
Definition Depreciation is the financial aspect of the decrease in value of any asset. This decrease in value occurs through use, wear and tear, and age. When you purchase a new lawnmower, it is worth the price you paid, obviously. Theoretically, yo... Read >
Author: Emily Lyon

Aligning Motorcycle Wheels

02nd December 2005
Aligning the wheels is universally regarded as a sound bike practice. It is a good thing to have both ends of the motorcycles aligned so as to make cornering smooth and predictable. In addition, alignment makes less wear and tear for the wheels. It is ... Read >
Author: maricon williams

Kids Exchange - used designer clothes

20th September 2005
How do you afford designer clothes for your Kids, but not at any Price! Welcome to a new concept in websites, Kids Exchange online web store. From their real shop based in Wilmslow, Cheshire, England they have decided to 'GO GLOBAL'. Their aim is to make ... Read >
Author: John Fowler

The Benefits of Stethoscope Covers

24th August 2005
Many doctors like to personalize their stethoscope by putting a cover over the tube. Stethoscope covers come in many different colors and shapes. Many pediatricians use stethoscope covers shaped like animals. Other doctors like denim or cotton stethoscope... Read >
Author: Damian Sofsian
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