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Building a Flexible Business Model Will Ensure Perpetual Survival

23rd January 2012
Copyright (c) 2011 Alison Withers While businesses might be concerned about a eurozone Armageddon, whatever the outcome they will need to ensure survival for the period of austerity that is likely to characterise the next decade. Although growth is ... Read >
Author: Ali Withers

Contractor's Plant & Machinery Insurance - Benefits and Exclusions

27th October 2009
"""Coverage: Plant and equipment often constitute a considerable part of a building contractor's investment. Contractor's Plant and Machinery insurance is an exclusive all risks policy covering the plant and machinery used by the contractors at the site f... Read >
Author: Royalsundaram

Erection All Risks Insurance- Benefits and Exclusions

05th October 2009
"The Erection All Risks policy is a comprehensive insurance, which provides complete protection against all types of risks associated with erection, testing, commissioning of machinery, plant and equipment during constructional stage. Erection All Risk... Read >
Author: Royalsundaram
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