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What is Green Building?

22nd November 2010
As the saying goes that ‘Necessity is the mother of all invention", the concept of Green building has been discovered from the need to meet the plausible standards of energy efficiency and our responsibility towards environment. Green building also popula... Read >
Author: Tesla Outourcing Services

How are Mobile Homes Constructed?

18th November 2009
Materials used to produce a mobile home are the same derived to build a site-built home, the only difference is that they are designed in a factory, and later transported to a site to be assembled. Materials in a manufactured household include 2×4 and ... Read >
Author: jdevans789

Types of Window Frames – Which is Right for You?

14th May 2009
If you decide to purchase new windows for your home, you have probably made a good investment. New windows can raise the value of your home, and, in some cases, increase energy-efficiency, leading to lower power bills. But before you have the new windo... Read >
Author: Sara Larsen
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