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Buddha Statues Meanings. Buddha Touching The Earth Statue

06th July 2010
Buddha statues can convey many different meanings depending on the pose, and the associated hand gesture, or mudra. In Thai temples, the most common pose has the legs crossed, with the left hand in the lap and the palm facing upwards. The right hand rests... Read >
Author: Bondy

Shakespeare Plays

07th July 2009
Among the Shakespeare Plays to be performed this summer in the Midwest is "The Tempest". The Michigan Shakespeare Festival will be performing "The Tempest" on July 14, 17, 19, 23, 25, and August 1st. To give you a little background on "The Tempest", I hav... Read >
Author: Jennifer Stover

Comparing Two People For Compatibility

16th February 2009
Below I have listed a few examples of how different signs get along with each other. Of course if you want to get a more detailed picture the best way to do it is get both people to enter their birth dates with time and place included. It really is uncann... Read >
Author: lapauly

How Long Should I Wait Before Trying to Get My Ex Back?

16th January 2009
How Long Should I Wait Before Trying to Get My Ex Back? It really sucks when the person you love and care about more than anyone else in the world decides that you're not good enough to stay with...but even if things seem doubtful, it IS poss... Read >
Author: kanetohman
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