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To Transcribe Music or Not

18th May 2012
Believe it or not, transcription can ruin a composition. Though primarily applicable to classical music, this can apply to most any other genre. One should know that when a composer writes a piece, it is intended for a particular instrument or set of inst... Read >
Author: Evelyn Simonian

Ideas For Storing Musical Gear in a Self Storage Unit

07th June 2011
six) Record Gamers: Keep arm, record player and bagged needle in the identical box, once again doing your finest to safe openings from dust.seven) Acoustic Guitars: Initially dust guitar totally which include neck and base. Fill the hole in the base of th... Read >
Author: Lindsey Delaney

Yamaha YPG 235 The Perfect Electronic Keyboard Out There

29th March 2011
A quick browse suggest that Yamaha YPG 235 is focused on empowering the user and making music more authentic as well as expressive. There are 76 piano style keys with Graded Soft Touch feature. These keys are a bridge between weighted keys and pure syn... Read >
Author: MK Tan

Gamelan - Precision Fasteners manufacturer - Hydraulic Couplings

20th August 2010
History of Gamelan Music Musicians performing musical ensemble, bas-relief of Borobudur. The gamelan predates the Hindu-Buddhist Emma culture that dominated Indonesia in its earliest records and instead represents a native art form. The instruments deve... Read >
Author: loyaoo

The Benefits of Cello Lessons

25th August 2009
A cello, short for violoncello, is a string instrument of the viola family that is known to give forth the lowest pitch sound out of all the string instruments in existence today. Four times as big as a typical violin, the cello is played with a bow, like... Read >
Author: Author Unknown

A Brief History of the Guitar

23rd July 2008
If you want to learn and master guitar because you simply love playing the instrument then it is not necessary for you to know about the guitar history. Infact you need not touch the historical aspect at all if you simply want to learn &... Read >
Author: Dave

Korean Folk Songs

05th July 2008
The music of Korea is over 1000 years old. Isang Yun - a musician teaching in Berlin included Korean songs in his course which was later brought back to Korea. Like all other strong influences, war definitely had its impact on Korean music. Korean music i... Read >
Author: Jennie
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